Monday, May 15, 2006

The Neglected Bansai Tree...

Or whatever that means.

OK! So I've been doing this gardening thing and obviously you think I know what I'm doing, but hey, I'm just doing as I'm told... So quit teasing!

Anyway! A few new things in my life:

I have two fish (was four, but the guppies died).

Finally got on a regular sleeping schedule... Sort of.

Oh! That dude that I was dating called me. Said he wanted to date again. I'm a little confused, if he didn't want to date then why does he want to date now? The freak.

I'm excited as hell that summer is coming soon... I wanna camp, and kayak, and fish, and bike ride! All those fun things!

I'm also excited about some of the fun, cutsies outfits that I've found for this summer... If ever I get to wear them.

And well, that's about it for now, time is short. If I get the chance, I'll elaborate.