Monday, June 19, 2006

Oh Oh! This is so freaky (?) weird (?) OUCH! (?)! Ya gotta see it!

This is Sarah, my great cousin, twice removed... In-law? Or something like that. But that's besides the point. She's one of the several kids that hang out at our house during the summer months. (It's great living with a retired person.)

She was showing off her gymnastics stuff and creeping us out, so I thought I would share :o)

This one kills me! Yes, those are her feet, wrapped around her neck... Ugh!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

$12 for a bar of soap, and firing a teacher for speaking the truth...

How messed up are we???

All right, I'm a little buzzed, and a little pissed... Usually the best time for me to state my opinion on certain things, because y'alls have no idea what I'm talking about, and I can just ramble on... :o)

First off, $12 for a bar of friggin' soap! How insane is that??? Even though they say it's suppose to clean the poison ivy/poison oak off your skin, who's going to spend that much to find out if they're telling the truth or not? Mythbusters did an experiment with some sort of soap (can't remember the name brand) and vodka to see which one did better. The vodka did slightly less. For $4 a bottle, as opposed to $12 a bar... I'll go for the vodka! At least I know I can get buzzed if I can't stop the itching.

Calamine Lotion.

Next, let's talk about teachers.

Ya know, teachers are purty darn smart (for the most part, no one is perfect,) but they can only teach what people are willing to learn.

Case in point, a local sociology teacher was fired for reading aloud the comments that students made about other students in regards to their futures (Where do you think so-n-so will be 20 years from now?). This teacher has been doing this assignment for the last 15 years, but for some reason, parents had a problem with it this year.

Granted, there were some very 'insulting' comments made by the students about their peers, but from what I read, the implications are no different than those made when I was in high school, by the general population, everyday... The terminology is just a bit different.

Well no shit. Here are a bunch of kids speaking their minds about the kids that are giving them hell in school. What do you expect? It's all about maturity and perception. If I'm a teeny-bopper and I don't like you, I'm going to find some way to insult you.

What I appreciate about this teacher, as opposed to other teachers who try to be so politically correct that they stifle free thought, and defend that quietness/politeness/internal attitude so extensively that you can't even understand their psycho-babble bullshit, is that he tells his students exactly what their classmates think of them... In a controlled environment, with some reasoning (discussion) as to why the kids are saying what they are saying.

What the problem is, I think, is that on top of this classroom discussion, he expects the parents to play their part and explain to the youngsters -youngsters... these are senior students who had the choice of hearing what was said about them- about life and about how people are not always 'super nice' to each other, and just because someone says something bad about you, doesn't mean you're a bad person. But the parents don't have the time, or the knowledge, or the patience, to help out their kids understand because they've been so cuddled themselves that they have no idea what to say.

... I can't help but to feel that these kids are going to regret telling their parents about this incident (which some already have) and that this is going to further their feeling of limited free speech in the future.

Although I've always held a high respect for teachers, I now have a renewed respect for teachers who push the bar, to benefit their students. To teach them that life is not (nor will it ever be) a bed of roses, just given to them for whatever reason.

... Whether their parents choose to acknowledge the facts (or non-facts) about their child or not.