Saturday, February 18, 2006

Houston, We Have A Problem...


He's pro, I'm con. He's life, I'm choice.

This sucks.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Pure Evil

OK, first things first, my sincere apologies to all my favorite bloggers. I know I haven’t been very responsive lately, but I'm hoping you’ll understand... Because I am seriously diggin’ this new guy, and my attention has been focused on him. He’s cute as hell, has a completely warped sense of humor, and so far, he’s able to deal with my psycho butt. If this is a dream, someone please pinch me!

So here’s the update:

First date (other than the ‘blind date’ that I thought we were on, he was told differently. By Judy.) we went to Dave & Buster’s. We had a good time playing around and making out in public :o) which I wouldn’t normally do, but damn he’s hot.

Second date we went with his friends to see the FMX (freestyle motocross... I had to look it up to find out what the ‘F’ stood for). That was pretty cool, but then I had this dream about being chased by zombie race car drivers...

Third date, Valentine’s Day, he brought me a thousand flowers that he arranged himself, and a poem that he wrote just for me! It was a mushy cutsie poem, but come on, ya gotta love that! He took me to dinner at one of his favorite places, which was great. Apparently he’s been going there for years, but has never taken a date there. The bartender (his bud)seemed to be watching me closely, trying to size me up, I think. I’m pretty sure I earned his approval, lol.

Then we went to this place where -hell of all hells- you race those little go-cart thingies and OMG! I thought I was going to die! Although I was looking forward to it, I'll never do that again... I swear, my little body is broken! The only redeeming (yet embarrassing) quality was that I provided entertainment and an obstacle for the younger drivers. Yeah, when he told me later that I was popular because I got in the way, I got a kick out of it. :D

As for the rest of the night... Well hey... That’s between me and him.

Now for the ‘pure evil’ part, and probably one of the main reasons I'm attracted to him (that warped sense of humor). The person that set us up, Judy, was so excited about the match she had made... But we aren’t giving her an inch >:)

It started with my boss’s daughter. When Judy called to find out how the first date went, she told her that I had stood him up. Not wanting to miss the perfect lead in, I let her stew about it for a while before I called her back to tell her the truth. She was so upset that she didn’t even realize it when I told her that the first date went great, lol.

Pure Evil.

Then, when I told him what we were up to, he was all over it! When she called him to find out how it was going, he told her that I decided not to see him anymore because it was causing me too much ‘anxiety’ ( a word I hardly ever use, but she obviously hasn't noticed).

Pure Evil.

It’s like, we’re all messing with this poor woman who actually made a great match, and I'm enjoying it! I am so messed up... But I love it!

Pure Evil!

Right now, I'm looking at a bottle of Yahoo that he left on my desk and missing him. Realistically, I don’t know if this relationship will work out or not, but I gotta say, I’m having a lot of fun with it!

In other news:

Flat taxes: Pros and Cons. I have an opinion, but it’s only based on one ‘pro’ book, and I'd like to hear what you think. Plus, I’d like to know if you’re still reading ;o)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He Called Back...

I have to admit, I was feeling pretty low about myself after reading Beauty vs The Beast because of all those people who dogged ‘blind daters’, but I had a blind date for the Super Bowl that seems to be a pretty good match for me.

First of all, he was cute (in my eyes) and very calming... Which I can’t really explain, but is definitely a good thing, considering the fact that I'm hyper and nervous, and very over-thinking in such a situation.

Secondly, he’s the exact opposite in certain interest (such as winter sports and music,) but so much alike in other things (such as shyness, but self awareness and confidence,) that he peaks my curiosity.

At this point, it comes down to he’s winter, but warm, I'm summer, but cool. Can we compromise? I hope so. ‘Cause I kinda like him.

*Sigh* Wish I had been here when he called... Erk.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

What Happened To My Blog?

??? And why am I not allowed to see it???

Friday, February 03, 2006

Bar Bar A.

Seeing how she didn’t give me time to think about it and respond, :p This is my response to Bar Bar A’s Blogging Etiquette post.

Dialogue! It’s all a matter of dialogue... Getting to know each other. I’ve seen precious few blogs that leave the lines of communication open. I totally understand when people just want to state what they’re thinking, and I have no problem with it, but if you want to make the connections, ya gotta respond in kind.


I’ve been working on several different post, but they’re all bumming me out. I tried lightening the mood with Bambi, but you guys actually agreed with me (for the most part) which bummed me out even more.

So I've decided to write about something that you can’t possibly take seriously... I’m going to tell you your fortunes!

I used to do this on my website (‘Horrorscopes’) but I got bored with it... So now I'm thinking, what the heck, it might be fun again.

No personal information needed (other than your sign,) just say ‘yeah’ or ‘nay’.

Any takers? I have an 8 Ball, an Indian-head nickel, and all kinds of other stuff just waiting for your reply...