Saturday, July 01, 2006

Summer Talk...

I don't get it. An old fat guy with big boobs can walk around during the summer without his shirt on, and no one raises an eyebrow, but a cute chick with big boobs can't mow her lawn topless without getting arrested for being 'indecent'!

Who the hell made up these rules? And who the hell is enforcing them???

Who insisted that a woman's body be hidden? Where the guys that made up this dress code gay? Why else would it be perfectly fine for a man to walk around in Speedos, but heaven forbid, a woman should show a little nipple outside the stripper bars and nude beaches.

It makes no sense!

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most people want more beauty in their lives, then why are not more people standing up for what they believe beauty is?

Well I'm making my stand!

If you want to go around in the buff, you do it. I don't care what you look like, the human body is beautiful no matter what shape it's in. We are individuals, and in America, we should at least have that one freedom!

PS: If I sound a little pissed, it's because I had to work my butt off in the heat, all day, fully clothed... Then, on the way home, I saw all these guys out there with skimpy little shorts on...

It's just not right!

OH! By the way, has anyone else seen the new AABB (Give Blood) commercial? Is that great, or what?!? 'We're tired of asking nicely.' LMAO! ...I'm now a donor.